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Blake Waggoner has established himself as a highly regarded real estate agent in West Seattle, known for his unparalleled commitment to helping clients achieve their goals. His journey into real estate began through personal experiences with buying and selling property, sparking a passion that quickly turned into a profession. Clients consistently praise Blake for being attentive, honest, personable, reliable, trustworthy, experienced, proactive, efficient, and supportive. This array of attributes not only defines Blake's professional demeanor but also his genuine dedication to serving his clients. His favorite part of the business, helping clients navigate the complexities of real estate to meet their aspirations, showcases his deep commitment to their success.
Residing in West Seattle, Blake is enamored with the neighborhood's perfect blend of urban charm and natural beauty. The area's relaxed atmosphere, combined with its vibrant community spirit, local shops, eclectic boutiques, and diverse dining options, makes it a place Blake is proud to call home. He is particularly drawn to Alki Beach for its tranquil escape and stunning sunsets, reflecting his appreciation for the balance between urban convenience and the tranquility of nature. Blake's love for West Seattle's commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious living resonates with his professional ethos, enriching his ability to connect clients with this hidden gem of a community.
Beyond his professional achievements, Blake's life is filled with a diverse range of hobbies and interests that enrich his approach to real estate. His engagement in meditation and mindfulness, DIY and home improvement projects, photography and videography, gardening and horticulture, and a keen sense of fashion and design, alongside thrilling activities like jiu-jitsu, surfing, and motorcycle rides, reflect a well-rounded and deeply passionate individual. These pursuits, coupled with the valued time he spends with his family, not only provide Blake with a balanced and fulfilling life but also enhance his understanding and empathy toward clients' lifestyles and needs. Blake Waggoner is not just an agent; he's a dynamic individual whose personal passions and professional dedication combine to offer a unique and comprehensive real estate service.

Blake Waggoner


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